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Hello, my name is Selena McMurphy. Welcome to my site about vet services. Veterinarians saved my cat after she developed a serious illness from going outside and hunting rodents. The vets immediately diagnosed and treated the condition to help her fully recover. She had to stay at the vet clinic for several nights for support and observation. I visited the clinic day and night to learn more about her condition and spend time with my pet. On this site, I will share information about the various ways vets diagnose and treat health conditions and injuries affecting pets of all kinds. I hope you will come by often to learn more.

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3 Times You Need To Head To The Vet Emergency Room With Your Dog

If your dog ever exhibits any of the three signs below, your dog is experiencing a serious medical condition that requires medical attention from a trained vet. If you can't get into your vet, you should take your pet to the local animal hospital or local vet that offers emergency room/walk-in hours outside of normal business hours.

#1 Your Dog Has A Seizure

Dogs can have seizures, and when they do, it is pretty obvious. A dog's entire body will shake uncontrollably. They may lose their ability to stand and just collapse on the floor. You can only see the whites of their eyes as they roll back in their head. Your dog may also droll uncontrollably as they experience a seizure.

In the moment, you should move anything away from your dog that could hurt them so that they don't injure themselves on nearby objects as their body convulses.

After the seizure has passed, you are going to want to get your dog to the vet as quickly as possible. A seizure is an indication that your dog has suffered a serious medical condition and needs immediate medical assistance.

#2 Your Dog Has An Open Wound

Your dog can get an open wound a variety of different ways. An open wound can be created by a really deep cut that your dog suffered. It can also be created by a bone that has broken through to the surface and it can even be created by a serious burn to your dog's skin. When your dog has an open wound, even if you try to clean it up yourself, you should take your dog to the vet.

Your vet will be able to get out any debris that could be inside of your dog's wound that you may not be able to treat. Your vet can also help treat and ensure that no bacteria is alive in your dog's wound that could further harm your dog in the future. Additionally, your vet may be able to close up the open wound and provide you with the right type of dressing and medication necessary for a full recovery.

#3 Your Dog Has A Bloated Stomach

If your dog's stomach suddenly increases in size over a very short period of time, for example, a couple hours or a couple days, that is very troublesome. A bloated stomach or abdomen area is a clear sign of internal distress. Once your dog's abdomen has become bloated, blood is not able to flow properly through the rest of your dog's body, which can lead to even more internal issues for your dog. Internal injuries are serious and can be life-threatening, so if your dog suddenly doubles in size around the stomach, be sure to get them to the vet as quickly as possible. 

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