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Hello, my name is Selena McMurphy. Welcome to my site about vet services. Veterinarians saved my cat after she developed a serious illness from going outside and hunting rodents. The vets immediately diagnosed and treated the condition to help her fully recover. She had to stay at the vet clinic for several nights for support and observation. I visited the clinic day and night to learn more about her condition and spend time with my pet. On this site, I will share information about the various ways vets diagnose and treat health conditions and injuries affecting pets of all kinds. I hope you will come by often to learn more.

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3 Reasons Independence Day Can Be Dangerous For Your Pooch

If you are like most people, you look forward to the excitement that comes along with the Fourth of July holiday. This is a time of celebration, family gatherings, and good food. However, if you have a dog as a pet, the Fourth of July can be far less entertaining and joyful. In fact, the Fourth of July can be one of the scariest and most dangerous holidays for your playful pooch. To ensure this holiday does not leave you with a need for a veterinarian like those at Norwin Veterinary Hospital, check out these three reasons why Independence Day can be dangerous for your dog.

Fireworks can be incredibly alarming to a dog. 

You see the sparkles of beautiful color and hear the exhilarating sound of booms and whistles, but to your dog, fireworks can be absolutely terrifying. Unlike you, your pup has no idea what fireworks are and will not be expecting all the commotion around the holiday. In fact, it is not uncommon for uncontained dogs to be so frightened by the fireworks during Fourth of July celebrations that they run away from home and get lost in the process of trying to find somewhere safe to hide. Because of this, it is crucial that you are mindful of how scary fireworks can be for your pet. Provide support and comfort and don't shoot off fireworks at your house if your dog appears scared. 

Family cookouts at home give your dog access to foods they should not eat. 

If you are like a lot of Americans, the Fourth of July holiday will mean family get togethers in the backyard and cookouts for everyone to enjoy. While these events can be a lot of fun, they can also put your dog at risk simply because they can gain access to foods they really should not be eating. For this reason, it is best to keep your dog contained during a cookout or keep a really close eye on them. 

Your dog may be left at home alone for long periods. 

In many communities, Independence Day is a huge ordeal that involves a range of festivities and activities all week long. From parades and carnivals to concerts and firework shows, this can mean you and your family are spending a lot of time away from home. Being home alone for long periods is never good for your dog, especially if they get stressed by being alone anyway. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a dog sitter or even consider dog boarding through the holiday.